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Referee Certification Courses

Eagle Mountain Youth Soccer and UVUEM offer two ways to be a certified referee, Iref and Grassroots. Please see below for more information on each course.

  • Iref training allows a referee to referee recreation and district level games for EMYS.

  • Grassroots Certification allows you to referee any state or level game.

The portal for new referees will open on July 22nd. And the course will be available soon after. 


IREF appreciates you and all for your tireless efforts on behalf of the player, parents, coaches and referees. 

Iref Certification Course

We are excited to announce that we are offering a FREE training for young referees so that they will be able to referee RECREATION games for EMYS/UVUEM! Here are some details about the training:


This training is a 2 hour online course! To be a referee, the kids will need to provide black shorts, yellow referee shirt, black socks. And here’s the best part. . .the referees will get paid!

Utah Soccer Referee

Reffing STATE COMPETITION level games you will need to be a Grassroots referee. Multiple courses are held through out the year. For more information go to Utah Soccer Refs .

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