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Soccer Field


It takes a lot to make sure that our players and coaches get the best out of their soccer experiences. Many hours, a lot of energy, and tremendous effort are required to run our club and meet our mission. We depend on people like you who want to coach, manage teams, run events, and do whatever it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Please let us know how you want to help. If you think of a job that we have not, do not be shy. Reach out to us

By harnessing the talent and energy of our community we are able to contribute to the development and growth of young people and making our communities better places to live. 


Responsible to form teams, find and communicate with coaches

rec uniform.PNG

Two coordinators, Recreation/District


comp coach_edited.jpg

Train players in the  junior program and guide coaches


Responsible for goals and flags,  that they are available for all games


Recreation Tournament District Friendly Tournament

soccer ref.PNG

Responsible to assign referees to recreation and district level games.


Responsible that all equipment is safe and in working condition.


Oversees and manages the concession stand.


Manages coach risk status,  coach refunds,  wait list and assists coordinators.


Responsible for social media posts and advertisement flags.

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